A new Public Health Order has been issued that limits the number of persons who can be in the Cathedral for Mass to no more than 1 person per 4 square metres. On that basis, the Cathedral is now able to accommodate 105 persons at any Mass or other liturgical celebration. For more information, click here.

In light of the new Public Health Order, the following requirements will apply to attending Sunday Mass with immediate effect:

  1. There is NO longer a need to register in advance if you wish to attend Sunday Mass.
  2. Parishioners will be required to their contact details, either individually or as a member of a 'discrete' group. For more information on the understanding of 'discrete group, click here and scroll down.
  3. Parishioners are able to provide their contact details in advance using the 'COVID-19 MASS REGISTRATION' button on the home page - parishioners who choose this option will only have to 'tick' their name when arriving rather than filling in their details.
  4. Only one door - the side door nearest the diocesan office building - will be open for both entrance and exit.
  5. The door will open approximately one hour before the scheduled start time of Mass and will close not more than 30 minutes after Mass.
  6. Once the limit of 105 persons has been reached, no further persons will be allowed to enter the Cathedral under any circumstances.

Other requirements will be displayed on signs at the entrance to the Cathedral. A copy of this sign can be downloaded here.

The option to provide your contact details in advance will be available up until midday on Saturday, and then will be unavailable until Monday morning. Please note: Contact details will need to be provided each week.

While the latest easing of restrictions are very welcome, we continue to look forward to the time when restrictions are no longer necessary, and we can have the full community once again able to come together to celebrate the Day of the Lord.